Mens Ministry

Connection, relationships and Godly friendships are what our "Man of God", Men's ministry is all about. We're building, strengthening and inspiring men to know God for themselves personally. We're helping them rise up and be the loving Godly leaders of their homes and families, on their jobs, in our church, and in our community as Godly mentors.  

At MBC you can find a place of belonging and purpose. You can find your place at men's ministry and in the family of God.

Women's Ministry

Meaningful personal relationships, friendships, and associations describe our "Women of God" ministry.  Our women's' ministry is helping to raise up Godly women who know their rights and privileges in Chirst.  Our ladies are filled with answers for their lives and families that come from a close relationship with God and His Word.  Women who stand up for purity and honor in a dishonorable world today. They have a great time getting to know each other and making new friends.  


At MBC you can find a place alongside other women who are finding out who God made them to be.